Commission adopts redistricting plan

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Pike County Commission adopted a redistricting map based on the 2010 census at its Monday meeting. The map the Commission adopted is the same as the redistricting map adopted by the Pike County Board of Education last month.

Commissioner Jimmy Barron, who made the motion to adopt the map, said the map is actually a joint map that was agreed upon when the commission and the board of education met in an effort to draw district lines several weeks ago.

“We were all in agreement on the map with the exception of the District 4 and District 5 lines. There was discussion between the commissioners in those districts,” Barron said. “The map that we adopted tonight is the joint map.”

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The only opposing vote was by Commission Charlie Harris, District 5.

“I lost 80 or more people in the area from Oak Street to Pike County High School that included Grant Trailer Park,” Harris said. “I only picked up seven people in one small area. The numbers just don’t match up.”

Homer Wright, Commission chairman, said the joint map is in the best interest of the people because the district lines are the same for the Pike County Commission and the Pike County Board of Education.

“That makes is easier for the people and also for the probate office that is responsible for getting everything in place during elections,” Wright said. “The majority spoke.”

Barron also brought before the commission his interest in self-governance. County Attorney Allen Jones said everything is now in place to put self-governance of the ballot to let the people decided.

“We’re ready to move forward to get it on the ballot in the next permissible election,” he said.

The Commission made two appointments to the Pike County E-911 board. Capt. Jimmy Ennis of the Troy Police Department was appointed to the position held by Troy Police Chief Anthony Everage who will retire Oct. 1, 2011. At that time, Ennis will become the city’s chief of police and will assume that position on the board.

Ray Armstrong was appointed to fill the position vacated by Carroll Rhodes, as a representative of the Pike County volunteer firefighters.