Commission OKs district lines

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Pike County Commission adopted a redistricting map based on the 2010 Census at its Monday meeting. The commission did not set a date for the public hearing required before map can be finally adopted.

County Administrator Harry Sanders said that he is not sure of the differences between the county’s redistricting map and that of the Pike County Board of Education.

“There are few differences in a couple of districts but, until we see the maps that have been adopted by both the school board and the commission, we won’t know the exact differences.”

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The Pike County Commission and the Pike County Board of Education met together earlier this month to discuss the adoption of a redistricting map that would be congruent. However, the two bodies did not reach an agreement.

Don Smith, who spoke on behalf of the Pike County Fire and Rescue Department and the county’s other emergency responders, asked for the commission’s assistance in making county residents aware of the importance of having visible 911 addresses.

“The problem is homes and businesses that don’t have visible 911 addresses that can be seen day or night,” Smith said. “Our departments, along with the police and sheriff’s departments, are called out at all times to respond to emergencies where time is critical. When we are not able to locate an address, valuable time is lost that could save someone’s life or property.”

Smith said there have been several instances when units have responded to the wrong residence, causing a serious delay in getting help to those in need.

“We are asking your assistance in helping educate the citizens of Pike County to the need to have their 911 addresses displayed in front of their residences and businesses,” he said.

The commissioners pledged their support in generating public awareness of the importance of displaying 911 addresses and expressed a willingness to do what they can to help solve the problem.

Russell Oliver, county engineer, reported that bids will be let for the resurfacing project for County Road 3304 at 10 a.m. on Friday.

Oliver said the resurfacing project is a big one and matching funds had to be “saved up” for the project.

Oliver requested a budget amendment to provide funds for a road department truck engine.

Commissioner Oren Fannin said safety of the county’s citizens are his main priority and expressed concern that “kids are standing in tall grass” while waiting for the school bus. He also listed several pieces of road equipment that are broken and in need of repair or replacement.

Oliver said that funding continues to be a concern for the county’s road department. He said that construction costs have outpaced inflation.

“We used to be able to pave a mile of two lanes for about $50,000,” he said. “Now, the cost is about $130,000 a mile. I don’t have an answer but the problem is there.”

Commissioner Charlie Harris said that before the Commission passes a budget for fiscal year 2011-12, he would like to have another hearing.

At Harris’ request another budget hearing was set for 4 p.m. Sept. 12 in the boardroom at the Pike County Health Department.

Grant Lyons, Pike County Extension coordinator, introduced two Pike County 4-H state winners, Kate Johnson and Veneekia Daniels, to the Commission.

Johnson won the state steer show and Daniels won the state chicken que.

Lyons said that both Johnson and Daniels are outstanding representatives of the 4-H program and outstanding young women and leaders who are making a difference in the community.