Parents should make the most of this school year

Published 10:00 pm Friday, August 12, 2011

Wait … can you hear those bells ringing? That’s right, on Monday the Troy City Schools and Pike County Schools begin the 2011-2012 school year, wrapping up the “back-to-school” season for our community.

And while students and teachers alike may be missing the last hot and restful days of summer, we suspect parents are ready for the routine to return.

As this school year gets underway – and for those readers who already started classes last week – we encourage you to make a simple pledge for success this year.

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The formula is easy. Parents need to:

1. Help their children develop healthy, consistent routines: for meals, for sleep and for studying.

2. Take an interest in their children’s schooling. That means asking questions about class, helping with homework, reviewing for tests, communicating with the classroom teachers on a regular basis to monitor progress and needs.

3. Support their schools. Most parents do an admirable job of supporting their children, but we should remember the larger school, as well.Whether that means joining a parent-teacher organization, attending ball games and fund-raisers, or simply talking up the good things about your school, parents’ attitudes can go a long way toward shaping the way children, and others, view school.

4. Ask what you can do to help: in the classroom, in the office, at different organizations. Step outside your comfort zone and get involved. You gain a vested interest in the success of your student and the school.

5. Be informed. Pay attention to letters sent home, school calendars and websites. You need to be preapred for standardized testing times, special events or other activities. You can’t depend on your child to tell you everything.

Monday morning will come bright and early, but we know with the right approach and attitude, it can be the beginning of an excellent school year.