Welcome home to the members of the 900th

Published 10:00 pm Thursday, August 11, 2011

We are fortunate to live in a nation that is protected by men and women who lay everything on the line for our freedoms. We owe our troops—our friends and neighbors who have put their military responsibilities ahead of all other obligations—greatly for their dedication and service to America. Living in Alabama’s Second District, home to some of our nation’s leading military installations, serves as a good reminder of the sacrifices made by our military service members, and their families.

This afternoon, more than 150 reservists from the National Guard’s 900th Component Repair Company are scheduled to be ceremoniously welcomed home at Pike County High School in Brundidge. They return to Alabama after conducting transportation and security missions in Afghanistan for the past year.

Our military heroes quietly depart their families and loved ones to protect America and to hold the line on our national defense. In their absence, military families continue on with birthdays, first days of school, christenings, basketball games and Christmas mornings. Military spouses and families describe that, when the weeks turn to months, the waiting and worry may become routine but it never becomes easy.

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At noon today, when the members of the 900th Component Repair Company reunite with their families, I encourage you to keep their homecoming in your thoughts and prayers. Each soldier has a year’s worth of stories, photos and memories to catch-up on.

Their long awaited return home is a reminder of the tremendous sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make on a daily basis.

For family and friends, this is a time to welcome loved ones home with a warm embrace.

And for all of us who have enjoyed the freedom and liberties that our troops have so courageously defended, this is an equally good time to simply say thank you.

Having seen our military in action overseas, I assure you that they deserve all of the gratitude that we have to offer.

-U.S. Representative Martha Roby,

Serving Alabama’s Second Congressional District