‘The Female Factor’ kicks off Aug. 17

Published 10:59 pm Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The old adage that “A man’s work is from sun to sun but a woman’s work is never done” had never been truer that it is today.

The United States is bursting at the seams with Thoroughly Modern Millies who assume the roles of wives, mothers and volunteers while putting in an eight-hour day on the job.

Women are so busy with work, caring for kids and keeping a household going that they have little time left for themselves. So, goes the life of Modern Millie.

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“We keep thinking that’s going to change but it never does,” said Karen Herring, Troy Regional Medical Center director of marketing. “So, at Troy Regional Medical Center, we have been working with a cross-section of women from our community to develop a program specifically for women.

“The original idea starting out was to give the women of our area something just for them. Something for them to look forward to. Some place they could gather and grab a bite to eat and walk away with a tidbit of information that would make their lives easier or more fun or more organized. That was the idea behind The Female Factor.”

For more than a year now, the program council has been working toward developing a program that will focus on all things that make women uniquely female.

“Our CEO Teresa Grimes has taken a great interest in The Female Factor and has really encouraged and pushed Jennifer (Ventress, hospital CCO) and me to keep on target,” Herring said. “Working together with the council members, the program has matured and is ready to the rolled out to the public.”

The rollout date is noon Thursday, Aug. 17 at The Studio on East Walnut Street in Troy and all women are invited to be a part of this inaugural event.

“We are extremely excited about The Female Factor and what it will offer to all women,” Herring said. “The meetings are free of charge and will be held monthly at The Studio and a light lunch will be offered. Because women are one of the busiest segments of our population, the meetings will be held to an hour.”

But that one hour will be a fun-filled time with a program aimed specifically at helping women make the most of their time and their lives.

Chrisi Gamble, founder of the Birmingham organizing firm, “Consider it Done!” will be the featured speaker. Gamble’s focus is on helping women get organized as their children go back to school.

Herring said that throughout the year speakers or a panel of speakers will provide information that relates to women’s issues.

Because American women make 90 percent of the health care decisions for their households several of the programs will deal with health issues, including, “Ask the Doctor,” “Healthy Holidays” “Breast Cancer Awareness” and “Heart Health.”

Herring said that the council members have worked diligently to make the kickoff of The Female Factor a success and the program one that women will make time and take time to attend.

The TRMC council members are Herring, Jennifer Ventress and Dottie Black. Founding council members are Stephanie Baker, Brenda Debose, Ann Gates, Stacy Graning, Ashley Henderson, Jean Laliberte, Dianna Lee, Crissy Pinckard and Betty Jo Savoie.

Herring also expressed appreciation to the Troy-Pike Cultural Arts Center for assisting with the arrangements for The Studio each month. After the kickoff meeting on Aug. 17, The Female Factor will meet at noon on the second Wednesday of the month.

“We invite women of all ages and all interests to be a part of ‘The Female Factor,’” Herring said. ‘The Female Factor is unique to Troy Regional Medical Center. Other health organizations have programs for women but The Female Factor is our own program designed for the women in our area and all of the factors that make us unique.”

To make reservations for The Female Factor luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 17, call TRMC at 670-5487 before noon on Aug. 16.