Who needs to know Anthony’s story?

Published 11:18 pm Thursday, July 28, 2011

Casey Anthony reportedly wants $1.5 million to tell her story. In fact, agents and lawyers are shopping the networks for a deal.

And although many major media outlets deny a bidding war exists for the exclusive rights to her story, most average Americans wonder how long that will last.

Sadly, the sordid story of the Florida mom accused of callously killing her 2-year-old daughter and then lying to police about the death will sell … both on television and in print.

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The entire saga has been a media circus since Anthony first reported her daughter missing and her mother told police she smelled “death” in the trunk of Anthony’s car. Three years later, after the child’s body was found, Anthony’s trial held the nation spellbound as allegations of abuse and criminal activity ripped her family apart. In the end, she was found not guilty of the child’s death and convicted only of lying to police, a charge that with time served and good behavior allowed her to be released from jail nearly 12 days agao.

Now, Anthony wants to cash in on her 15-minutes of fame.

And despite grass-roots efforts trying to encourage national media from allowing Anthony to profit from her story and her alleged crimes, we suspect Athony’s story will sell. Exclusive interviews, books, perhaps even movie rights lie ahead for her, thanks to the insatiable curiosity of the public for sordid details and horrific news.

When all is said and done, few opinions are likely to change. Those who believe Anthony commited murder – and got away with it – will continue to do so. Those who believe the jury was right in its decision will continue to argue her innocence.

And we as media consumers will feel a little less whole, a little more sullied, by the byproduct of our vital constitutional right: freedom of speech.