Salvation Army store is victim again

Published 11:00 pm Friday, July 15, 2011

For the second time this week, the Salvation Army Service Center and Thrift Store in Troy has been burglarized.

On Thursday night, the side door of the store was pried open and the store’s safe was taken.

Kim May, Center director, said the safe was bolted to the floor and was probably removed with a crowbar.

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On Monday night, $19 was taken from the store’s cash register by someone who either dislodged the double backdoors from the outside or pushed them out from the inside.

“The Troy police said someone could have been hiding in the store at closing time and actually broken out instead of in,” May said. “But Thursday night, whoever it was broke in. From the way it looked, they had tried to get in the back door but couldn’t, so they came to the side door and broke in there.”

The safe only contained the money that is used to open the register in the mornings.

“We usually keep $100 in the safe and, since somebody stole $19 of that on Monday, we only had $81 in the safe Thursday night. They must have had a vehicle somewhere nearby because the safe is heavy and they couldn’t have carried it very far.

“Whoever did this, took a $300 safe and messed up two doors for $81.”

May said that during these difficult times, it’s important for people to watch out for each other.

“It’s important for those in the business community to keep our eyes open and, if we see anything suspicious, to report it to the police,” she said.

“The police would rather it be a false alarm than to let a crime be committed.”

Anyone who has any information about the recent burglaries at the Salvation Army Service Center and Thrift Store is asked to call the Troy Police Department at 566-0500.