Who dunnit? Teens can solve mystery

Published 9:02 am Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sherlock Holmes wannabes are invited to crack the case and solve the mystery of “The Pharaoh’s Curse” that has law enforcement officers around the world puzzled, befuddled and totally frustrated.

In an effort to help solve the mystery, the Troy Public Library will host a Murder Mystery Lock-In from 7 until 9 p.m. Thursday and local private (and public) eyes, ages 12 to18, are encouraged to join the investigation.

“She was the Queen of the Nile until the accident or was it attempted murder,” said Teresa Colvin, TPL young adult librarian. “This is one of the toughest cases that we have encountered in all the years of the Murder Mystery Lock-In at the Troy Public Library. We already have about 30 detectives on the case and we need about 20 more to investigate the crime scene and carefully examine the evidence in order to solve the crime.”

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To join the crime scene team, call Colvin at 566-1314 as soon as possible.

“At the Murder Mystery Lock-In, the crime scene will be set up and the evidence will be out so that the detectives can filter through it,” Colvin said. “The suspects will make statements and then the detectives can interrogate each of them. It will be a thorough investigation and we expect the crime to be solved.”

Colvin said the detectives may work alone or in teams.

Because the mystery is not expected to be solved in short order, refreshments will be served.

The detective or team that solves the crime will receive a cash award of $25 and will be recongnized publically for their outstanding detective work in solving the mystery of The Pharaoh’s Curse.