Board still must address open principal posts

Published 11:00 pm Thursday, June 23, 2011

The important decisions aren’t over for the Troy City Schools Board of Edcuation members.

Next Thursday, at their rescheduled monthly meeting, board members likely will be asked to approve hiring of two new campus principals: one at Charles Henderson High School and another at Charles Henderosn Middle School.

The positions were left vacant at year-end when the CHMS principal transferred to the central office and the high school principal was named superintendent at Monroe County schools.

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And while the community has been focused on the critical hiring of a superintendent – potentially the most influential leader of the school system – we would be wise not to overlook the principal positions. The men, or women, in these roles are the most visible faces of education most parents and students will know. They will be on the front lines, working closely to rally and motivate teachers; lead faculty and staff through good times and bad; and instill discipline, creating safe campus environments.

And if board members don’t believe the community is closely watching just who will be on campus come Aug. 15, then they’re sadly mistaken.

Parents, concerned citizens, faculty and staff all are anxious to know who will be hired to fill those two key vacancies. Having faced the same situation last year – when three new campus principals were hired in the summer before the school year began – the community is understandably concerned that the right individuals – those who can “hit the ground running” to borrow an over-used adage – be hired for those positions.

Administrators have said they’re pleased with the cnadidates they interviewed, confident that they have strong recommendations for the board to consider.

We, like many others, are anxious to hear those recommendations and to see our the remainder of the leadership team for Troy City Schools hired and in place.