Our neighbors need our help

Published 10:15 pm Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our heart breaks for our state today.

In the wake of what will surely become one of the worst weather days in history, Alabamians in places like Tuscalooosa and Cullman and Birmingham and digging out of the rubble, trying to recover from the deadly storms that claimed upwards of 150 lives on Wednesday.

But like any disaster, the recovery is a long way off.

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We are still in shock: watching the horrific images on television and computer screens; hearing the first-hand reports from safe, but frightened, college students who are seeing more tragedy and destruction than they ever imagined in their young lives; and realizing that this horrific story unfolding is all to real, and all too close.

In the days, weeks and months ahead, the shock will begin to wear off. As search and recovery efforts end, the extent of the destruction will sink in and, eventually, our focus will turn to rebuilding.

Throughout this time, our neighbors to the north will need our help and our prayers. Donations to organizations such as the Red Cross will help provide shelter, food and clothing for those who have lost their homes to the tornadoes. A supportive ear and kind words will be appreciated by friends who have felt the storm’s wrather . Prayers for peace and grace, for comfort, are necessary. And, we suspet many Pike Countians will even be found in Tuscaloosa, Brimingham and other areas: clearing away the destruction, helping to rebuild houses and churches and communities. It is, after all, what we do when neighbors and friends are in need.

Here in Pike County, we were spared from the storm’s wrath, and we were blessed in that. But many others weren’t.

They need our prayers and support right now. There are plenty of opportunities for you to give, whether in monetary donations or gifts of nonperishable items. Please do what you can.