Barron appointed to veterans advisory panel

Published 8:31 pm Monday, April 25, 2011

A local veteran is a member of the Defense and Veterans Affairs Advisory Panel appointed by U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala.

Dave Barron, executive assistant to Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr. at Troy University, and fellow members of the committee met recently with the Veterans Affairs’ Advisory sub committee panel to discuss military and defense-related issues.

“The meeting I attended last week had a diverse group of veterans that have served over a great number of years,” Barron said. “We had one young man that was injured in Iraq and some long-service veterans. All the services were represented, as well as the Guard and Reserves.”

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Barron said the group has a “long experience” with veterans’ issues.

“This group that I attended spoke specifically to veterans’ issues and were concerned with the future of veterans and their treatment by the Veterans Administration facilities here in Alabama.”

Barron said the veterans’ issues, especially regarding treatment and care, were a key topic during last week’s meeting.

“There were specific examples that were given to the congresswoman that were surprising, if not alarming, on the quality of care in regards to the needs of our veterans in the state of Alabama,” Barron said. “I think there’s going to be a continuing dialogue on how best to respond to those issues.”

Barron said the panel is made up of a very interesting group of people and he believes Roby’s awareness will be raised to the issues concerning veterans.

“I think she heard some things that will prepare her to ask better questions at hearings in the future,” Barron said.

The topics of discussion during Roby’s first meeting with the members of the Veteran Affairs’ Advisory sub-committee panel concentrated on current military operations, veterans’ benefits and services, and future military developments in the second district.

“As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, military and veterans’ issues are a top priority,” Roby said in a press release. “I represent numerous military installations, military families and veterans’ communities in Congress. These individuals who have volunteered their time to serve on the panel are an invaluable reference to best serve those I represent. They will help ensure that I understand the needs and priorities for both our active and retired military here in the second district, as well as, protecting and expanding our military installations.”

Two sub-committees comprise Roby’s panel: one for Defense and the one for Veterans Affairs’ issues.

“The Defense and Veteran Affairs’ Advisory Panel is an outstanding group of military and veteran leaders and I thank them for volunteering to serve on the panel. I will be working closely with these soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines as defense and veteran policy issues are addressed in Congress,” Roby said.

Members of the Defense Advisory Sub-Committee include: Lt. Gen. Don Parker (retired—U.S. Army); Brig. Gen. Rod Wolfe (retired—U.S. Army); Col. Bob Bunting (retired—U.S. Army); Col. Scott Larese (retired—U.S. Army); Capt. Dave Barron (retired—U.S. Navy); Col. Glen Dunlap (retired—U.S. Air Force); Maj. Gen. Will Tankersley (retired—U.S. Army); Maj. Gen. Bowen Ballard (retired—U.S. Air Force); Col. Keith Bartley (retired—U.S. Air Force); Col. Dale Bain (retired—U.S. Army); Lt. Col. Bill Peterson (retired—U.S. Air Force); Lt. Col. Bill Harris (active—U.S. Army Reservist).

Members of the Veteran Affairs’ Advisory Sub-Committee include: Harry Grainger (USMC/Army retired); Larry Hart (CWO retired—U.S. Navy); CJ Watson (retired U.S. Navy); Sgt. 1st Class Dennis Griffith (retired—U.S. Army); 1st Lt. John Givhan (retired—U.S. Army); Lt. Col. Ben Bowden (Air Force Reserve); Cpl. Randall Williams (Medical Discharge—U.S. Army); Spc. Mike Hall (U.S. Army); Victoria Adams (military spouse); Lt. Col. Doug Pohlmann (retired—U.S. Air Force); Chief Master Sgt. Andy Potter (retired—U.S. Air Force); Command Sgt. Maj. Hubert Chance (retired—U.S. Army); Sgt. Tim Smith (U.S. Army).