Grant lands benches for Square

Published 10:11 pm Monday, April 18, 2011

The downtown square in Troy is now a much more restful place, thanks to a state Community Services grant.

Rep. Alan Boothe responded to request by members of the downtown revitalization group for funds to include park benches and decorative trash containers in the downtown area.

“The square is the focal point of the downtown area and the site of many community activities,” Boothe said. “It is also a place where people can sit and relax or enjoy visiting with friends and neighbors. The downtown area qualified for a Community Services grant.”

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The downtown park area includes the Gazebo, the DAR World War I memorial fountain and the Confederate Memorial Monument.

“The Gazebo” was erected on the downtown square in 2001 by Gladys Stephens in memory of her husband, Otis Stephens. Benches around the perimeter of the Gazebo offer seating for those who want to spend time relaxing in the downtown area. However, the Gazebo is the staging area for many of the activities on the square so the downtown revitalization group thought park benches will be a welcomed addition to the park area.

“With the $5,000 Community Services grant, we were able to purchase 10 park benches and 10 trash containers,” Boothe said. “The park benches have been placed in the park area and also on all four sides of the square. The trash containers are placed throughout the downtown area.”

Shelia Jackson, Troy City director of tourism, said the downtown square has long been the identifying characteristic of the downtown area and has become “the” place for downtown activities.

“We continue to offer more activities and events on the square and more people are enjoying the park area for relaxing, reading, outdoor lunches and play time for children,” Jackson said. “Just the other day a couple from out of town spread a picnic and enjoy a beautiful, sunny spring day in downtown Troy.

“The trash containers have a plaque area where upcoming events can be promoted. The containers now are advertising TroyFest on April 30 and May 1 in downtown Troy.”