Trojan athletes step up for a cure

Published 8:31 am Friday, March 11, 2011

With the New Year off to a fast start, thoughts are also fast turning to the 2011 Pike County Relay for Life fundraising campaign for the American Cancer Society.

Kay Franklin, ACS community representative, said she is excited and encouraged to have the Troy University Student Athletes Advisory Committee involved in this year’s campaign.

“This is the first year that the student athletes at Troy University have taken a leadership role in the Relay for Life campaign and that’s very exciting,” Franklin said. “We have a member a the football team and a member of the golf team who are spearheading a Relay for Life event at Mama Goldberg’s in downtown Troy on March 17 and the event will encompass most of the athletic programs at the university.”

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Franklin said young people are the future of the Relay for Life campaign as the fight against cancer continues to the finish.

“Many of the university students who will participate in the fundraiser at Mama Goldberg’s participated in Relay events when they were in high school,” she said. “Hopes are that those who are involved in Relay events in college will carry that interest and dedication forward to the communities where they will live and work after college.”

Kyle Wilborn, a member of the Trojan football team, said the Trojans for a Cure fundraiser will be from 4 until 9 p.m. on Thursday, March 17 at Mama Goldberg’s and will feature live music by Ryan Hammer beginning at 7 p.m.

“Ryan is a cancer survivor and he is a great musician,” Wilborn said. “Basically, Trojan for a Cure will be an opportunity for people to make a donation to Relay. We are going to have some coupons and Mama Goldberg’s will donate a portion of those to Relay.”

Troy University student athletes will also “wait” tables for tips – “pour tea and things like that.”

Franklin said Troy University has fundraising events that are separate from the countywide Relay for Life fundraising campaign.

“The campus Relay events are planned and carried out by students and are primarily attended by students and faculty members but all of the money goes into the Pike County Relay for Life campaign pot,” she said.

Even though the Trojans for a Cure is a Troy University driven fundraiser, Franklin said the Pike County community is encouraged to support these student athletes in their effort to win the battle against cancer.

“Hopefully, the community will show appreciation to them for their commitment to the cause by participating in Trojans for a Cure,” she said. “The future of Relay depends on dedicated young people like these.”