TCPC meets but no action taken

Published 9:39 pm Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Troy City Planning Commission met Thursday, however no official business could be conducted due to the absence of a quorum.

The request for final plat approval of the Bishop Subdivision plat, located on Pike County Road 5513 (Elm Street Road), which is in a Reserved Residential Zoning District, provoked some discontent among those individuals gathered.

Dewayne Chancellor, a local resident directly affected by the proposal, expressed his concern with the request for final plat approval.

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“They’re starting to build behind my house,” Chancellor said. “They dug a pit out to start with and then Bishop sold the dirt and now he sold the property. Now, somebody is trying to, basically, build two apartment houses, which will lower our property value especially with all that in our backyard.”

The main contention of the residents who are directly affected by the plan is that they didn’t have a say in the goings-on of Troy City planning.

One attendant during the scheduled meeting vocalized his dissatisfaction by asking what the point of having a meeting was for if, essentially, their opinions didn’t matter.

“We came here to try and get this stopped,” Chancellor said.

William Hopper, Chairman of Troy City Planning Commission, offered his thoughts about the matter.

“The reason for the public hearing is to hear the public’s concerns, but we do have subdivision regulations and zoning ordinances that we are to follow, for example the size of the lots,” Hopper said. “In this particular case, they do meet that, however, there is reasonable judgment involved at times.”

Hopper explained that their responsibility as a City Planning Commission was to ensure that when people bring a plat to be approved, the proposals are well within the confines of what constitutes legal planning.

The concerned residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions about the final plat approval of the Bishop Subdivision on Monday, March 7.

Other requests awaiting approval by the Troy City Planning Commission include the preliminary plat approval of the resubdivision of The Ponds Phase II plat, located on the south side of County Road 2290 (1700 Block of the Henderson Highway) and the Final Plat approval for the Garden Properties, LLC lots located at the south end of East Street.