Church still seeks road paving

Published 11:08 pm Thursday, February 17, 2011

In a continuing effort to find funding to pave County Road 4425 near Brundidge, members of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church have taken their plight to state and federal officials.

David Lampley, church member, said he asked newly elected U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Ala., for help getting the three-mile dirt road loop in front of the historic church paved.

“Since Congresswoman Roby is newly elected, I wrote to her and made her aware of the situation that we have and asked for her help,” Lampley said. “I got a letter back from her dated Feb. 14, that said because she is a federal representative, she could not provide assistance with state government issues.”

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Lampley also received copy of a letter dated Feb. 14, that Roby sent to Gov. Robert Bentley.

“She sent him my letter and the photographs I included and told the governor that she would appreciate any assistance he could give us in our efforts to accomplish our mission to make Pleasant Hill Baptist Church accessible to all,” Lampley said. “I don’t know if anything will come of this but the governor now knows about our situation and so does Congresswoman Roby so word is getting around.”

The church is listed on the Alabama Historical Commission’s Black Heritage List and the cemetery is on the historic cemetery register.

“This is a historic area for the African American community and we should be able to get to the church at all times,” said Lampley, who is spearheading the efforts to have the road paved. “Last year, when it snowed, we had a funeral and the hearse almost couldn’t get down the road. When it rains, it’s always a problem. We’ve made the county commissioners aware of our situation and they say they don’t have the money to pave the road, so we’ve got to look elsewhere.”

Lampley said he will bring the plight of the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church before the Pike County Commission again.

“Russell Oliver, county engineer, has told us that the cost of paving the seven-tenths of a mile from the paved road to Pleasant Hill would be about $187,000 and to pave the road all the way would be about $600,000. We’re going to continue to look for funds to pave the road. It just looks like there should be money somewhere to help small communities and areas that are historically significant.”