Artist to share insights

Published 9:00 pm Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An artist lecture for the “Three Sisters” exhibition at Malone Gallery will be at 4 p.m. Thursday and the public is invited.

The lecture will be by Ling Y. Zhang the eldest of the sisters who were all educated in China’s “fine line” tradition. However, the sisters are distinctive in style and in choice of subjects and medium.

Duane Paxson, Malone Gallery director, said Ling works for the most part in a Western style at the same time that she appreciates Eastern spirituality.

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Growing up well after China’s famed Cultural Revolution and during the time of the country’s Westernization, the Zhang twins, Bo and Hong, display a surrealist bent, playfully opposing elements of their tradition with popular culture, Paxson said.

“The sisters’ parents, Zhang Sheng and Bai Yu Zhin, are accomplished artists, also. They exhibit and admirable melding of Chinese and Occidental tendencies.”

Ling currently lives and works in Atlanta but make numerous trips to Tibet.

“Ling believes that the mysterious and surrealistic Tibetan Lama religion deeply influenced the artistic creation of her life and that is evident in her paintings,” Paxson said.

Bo is a primarily a printmaker but also draws and sculpts.

“Bo’s interest have focused on an exploration in aspects of cultural difference – East and West – gender, identity and nature. Hong has developed new concepts for her work and her fluid drawings of hair have distinguished her as an artist,” Paxson said.

The Malone Gallery exhibition features the works of the Three Sisters, which comes to Troy University from the LaGrange Art Museum and The Cochran Gallery in LaGrange, Georgia.

“This is an outstanding exhibition and we are honored to have it hang at the Malone Gallery,” Paxson said.

Admission to Malone Gallery is free and the public is invited and encouraged to attend.