Roby excited with ‘seat at table’

Published 9:35 pm Friday, January 21, 2011

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R.-Ala., says a recent appointment gets her a “seat at the table” to reform education policies.

“I strongly believe that our education system should be child-centric and parent-driven and that we must fully support our teacher’s efforts in the classroom. The Congress and the Department of Education must never forget that teachers in Opp, Troy, and Prattville know how to teach our children better than bureaucrats in Washington,” Roby said. “I’m honored to be selected by the Republican leadership to serve on this very important committee. The ideas we discuss and the legislation we consider will have a direct impact on students, teachers, and parents throughout the district.” Roby was appointed this week to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Roby said working toward a positive reform of education in order to boost the educational experience that is so crucial to children throughout the state.

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“The House Committee on Education and the Workforce will work to reform education positively affecting thousands of Alabama students in our area, including those in Pike County. Teachers and parents in Alabama know what is best for the child sitting in an Alabama classroom, not the government officials sitting in their offices thousands of miles away. It is essential we find areas to reduce wasteful spending and cut inefficiency and duplication out of the federal government. In the midst of tough economic times like these, we are concentrating on creating an environment that fosters educational priorities here at home,” Roby said.

Although honored and excited about the appointment, Roby recognizes how important the committee’s responsibilities are in a down economy and what her priorities are in serving the state of Alabama.

“I am honored that Speaker Boehner appointed me to serve on a third committee to better represent the Second Congressional District. Representing Alabama’s education and workforce industries on this committee is a benefit to our state,” Roby said. “The key to improving our schools and businesses at home is reducing wasteful spending in Washington D.C. My priorities are supporting legislation to cut spending and take away unnecessary government programs in order to create jobs and help businesses here at home. It is a privilege to have a seat at the table to improve our workforce and school systems.”

House Speaker Boehner observed the positive aspects Roby’s added voice will have on the Committee.

“Martha’s dedication to her district and knowledge about the immediate needs of the schools and businesses in her state make her a valuable resource on this committee. As a mother with a child in public school, she is well aware that the best education possible should be available for our kids,” Boehner said. “We will be setting an aggressive agenda this Congress to cut spending, shrink the government, and foster job growth. Martha is dedicated to achieving those objectives and has the opportunity to help through her service on the Education and the Workforce Committee. A select number of newly-elected members are assigned a third committee, and I am glad to recognize Martha as honorably pursuing ways to meet the needs of the 112th Congress and her state.”

Congressman John Kline (R-Minn.), chairman of the committee, echoed Boehner’s enthusiasm about Roby joining the committee. “I am pleased to welcome Martha Roby to the Education and the Workforce Committee where she will play an integral role in our efforts to promote job creation and American competitiveness. Her experience as a leader in Montgomery will provide the committee a unique perspective on the challenges facing our classrooms and workplaces,” Kline said.