In praise of hospital staff

Published 7:11 pm Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Ms. Grimes and Troy Medical Center Staff:

Thank you for saving my life!! Seriously, on October 31, 2010, I was admitted to the emergency room at Troy Medical Center after loosing what turned out to be over 4 units of blood in a matter of 15 minutes. Ultimately, I was transferred to Jackson Hospital, but had it not been for Troy Medical Center and Dr. Morgan, I would not be alive today. The emergency staff at Troy Medical Center were able to stabilize my vital signs so that I could be safely transferred to Jackson Hospital and placed under the care of my Hematologist. Their care and commitment in taking care of me was outstanding.

Please let the staff at Troy Medical Center know how grateful I am to have a local hospital with a team of employees that really care about their patients.

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