Safety should be top concern of everyone

Published 8:07 pm Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Troy City Council Member Charlie Dunn made an apt observation Tuesday afternoon.

“You know, you used to have to look over your shoulder  in combat situations,” the retired soldier said. “Now, you’ve got to look over your shoulder everywhere.”

Dunn was reacting the brutal attack and assault of a Troy University student that took place overnight Monday.

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The incident began, law enforcement officers believe, at the victim’s residence. It ended nearly three hours later, on a dirt road in a remote section of Pike County, where she stumbled to a nearby house for help after being abducted, beaten and brutally stabbed.

While police and sheriff’s deputies are working around the clock to find the suspect, they and Troy University officials are echoing a common alarm: be cautious, be smart, and stay safe.

Because Troy and Pike County are such a enjoyable place to live, residents often are lulled into complacency when it comes to safety. We find security in our familiar settings, but we would do well to remember some basic advice.

Simple precautions, such as using the “Buddy System” when out and about and always letting someone – a friend, a roommate, a relative – know where you are and when you return are even more necessary right now.

And the common precautions – never open your door to a stranger, report any suspicious people or circumstances, keep your house and your vehicle locke – are worth repeating.

Both the Pike County sheriff and a representative the Troy Police said the same thing on Tuesday: If you’re concerned, even a little bit frightened, or even if you just see someone looking suspicious in a particular area, call law enforcement and alert them.

It’s always better be cautious and safe.