Youngster proves ‘prince’ in battle against cancer

Published 6:09 pm Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Asa Thompson has joined the fight against cancer.

He’s only nine months old so he doesn’t know that he’s doing battle against the deadly disease but one day he will know that he helped raise money to help find a cure for cancer.

Asa was the top fundraiser in Troy Regional Medical Center’s “Hope” photo pageant and was also named the Prince of Hope.

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It was Asa’s photo that took the title of prince but was his mom’s efforts to raise money for the fight that made him the top fundraiser.

“Cancer is more than just a word,” Ammie Thompson said. “It is more than a disease. It can strike fear into our hearts like no other word can. Cancer can be devastating and is always life changing. No one is immune – not mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, grandparents or friends. I think we all know someone who has fought a battle with cancer. It effects us all.”

The American Cancer Society estimates that in the United States alone one out of every four deaths is caused by cancer.

“For this very reason, we should all feel an urgency to do everything we can to help find better treatments for people stricken with cancer and ultimately a cure,” Thompson said.

Asa attends Southside Day Care and several weeks ago he took home a pamphlet from daycare center about participating in Troy Regional Medical Center’s Relay for Life Photo Pageant.

“I found it to be the perfect opportunity to help a cause that is very dear to my family,” Thompson said. “We raised money for two weeks. Friends and family gave generously. Asa won the title of King of Hope for raising the top amount of $1,000. He also won the title of Prince of Peace for the up to eight years and under group in the photo contest.

Thompson said these recognitions made her and her husband, Derrick, proud, as they would any doting parents. However, the true reward was in raising money in memory of Asa’s great-grandparents who were lost to cancer, Aubrey Snellgrove and Lou Lou Watford. “This donation was also made to honor one of Asa’s living great grandfathers, Charles “Pops” Lawson, who is currently fighting his own battle against cancer,” Thompson said. “I truly hope my family can continue to do all we can to make a difference and give hope to those who face this deadly disease.”