Still shopping

Published 8:48 pm Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taylor Jinwright shops for gifts at Terra Cotta in Troy, Ala., Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2010. (Messenger Staff Photo/Thomas Graning)

The shopping season in Pike County has been a pleasant surprise for many of the hometown businesses both in Troy and Brundidge.

The downtown square in Troy has been a-buzz with activity almost since Thanksgiving.

Bryan McLendon, clerk at Glow, said the shopping season has been great as more people are shopping at home.

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“Our prices are good and we have a good variety of items, with jewelry items being especially popular,” he said. “And, too, there are more businesses on the Square and the more businesses the more options shoppers have. More businesses usually mean better business.”

McLendon said the shop’s vendors have said orders have been comparable with the larger markets, and “that’s very good for us.”

And, not only are people staying home to shop, they seem to be excited about shopping at home, said Debbie Meeks, owner of Family Ties on South Brundidge Street in Troy.

“The shopping season seems to indicate that the economy is picking up and that people are enjoying shopping,” Meeks said. “This has been a very good shopping season for us and it’s encouraging that people are shopping at home. I think that our local businesses are offering the things that people need and want and there is a good mix of products to choose from.”

Meeks said local merchants are working together to offer a variety of goods and products and that’s making a difference.”

The convenience of shopping at home is a plus as shoppers usually hop right in and out of shops without having to fight tangles of traffic and then walk long distances.

On the north side of Troy, business has been “very, very busy” at Terra Cotta.

Helen King, clerk, said one reason sales are so good is because Auburn is so good.

“With Auburn playing for the BCS national championship, Auburn products have been extremely popular,” she said. “For us, the Big Green Egg is in demand as are the sock monkeez. These are items people want and they can get them right here in Troy.”

The ability to get the items that people want and need right here in Pike County is seemingly keeping people shopping at home. And more people are realizing what all Pike County has to offer.

Kay Seay, owner of Price Pharmacy and Gift Shop in Brundidge said this shopping season has been the best of the three years the pharmacy has offered a large line of gifts.

“I have been surprised, pleasantly surprised, at sales this season,” Seay said. “And, things started to pick up right after Thanksgiving and have been steady ever since. We’ve had a good shopping season and we really appreciate people shopping at home.”

But things have not been rosy for all business owners.

Rue Botts, owner of Rue’s Antiques in Brundidge, said the antique business has not been as good as in the past.

“Things have been slow but, then, antiques are what some people consider luxuries and people don’t seem to be buying luxuries,” she said. “The economy still has people holding on to their money when it comes to luxury purchases. But, hopefully, things will pick up.”