Wikileaks founder gets what he deserves

Published 6:31 pm Friday, December 10, 2010

Many Americans must be delighted about the trials and travails plaguing the WikiLeaks website and its founder, Australian Julian Assange. He and others have shown no concern for our nation and its men and women in the military, after all.

Earlier this year, despite warnings its action would endanger U.S. troops, WikiLeaks released thousands of secret Defense Department documents. Recently it began making thousands of State Department communications public, even after U.S. officials said the revelations would be harmful to our country. …

His website is taking its lumps. Hackers have used “denial of service” attacks to keep WikiLeaks from making secret documents public. Book-selling giant Amazon stopped hosting WikiLeaks on its web servers.

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Good. Assange deserves every bit of trouble that can be thrown at him. But none of it will close the Pandora’s Box he opened. Beyond any doubt, others are eager to emulate Assange in disseminating secret U.S. documents.

That means the only safeguard available is for the U.S. government to seal leaks through which Assange – and, again, others – can obtain information that threatens our security as a nation and the lives of our men and women in the military. In all agencies of government, that needs to be done immediately.

– The Jamestown (N.Y.) Post-Journal