Troy encourages fans to buy bowl tickets from University

Published 7:13 pm Monday, December 6, 2010

There are plenty of reasons for fans of the Troy Trojans to be celebrating right about now.

With another conference championship and bowl invitation in the Trojans’ possession, fans will now be gearing up for another trip to New Orleans to watch Troy take on Ohio University in the R+L Barriers New Orleans Bowl.

And while Troy Athletic Director Steve Dennis said he expects a large crowd on hand to support the Trojans, he asks Trojan Nation of one thing – buy tickets to the bowl game through the university.

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“The fact of the matter is, bowls choose teams based on how they did in the season and how well a team will travel,” Dennis said Monday afternoon. “Our revenue from the game is derived from ticket sales.

“By buying tickets through our athletic department, the funds collected go into funding the trip for the team. This is the main way we pay for the trip and that’s why it is so important for people to purchase tickets through the Troy University athletic department.”

Tickets for the bowl game were made available through the Troy Athletics Ticket Office at 8:30 a.m. on Monday and will continue to be available up until the game.

Tickets will cost $40 each. Fans can also go online to and click on the Athletics Ticket Office page to order tickets online.

Tickets to the game will be discounted for Troy University students at $20.

Troy students must pick up their tickets, in person, from the Athletics Ticket Office with valid student identification. Students can only purchase one ticket for the game.

“Coach (Larry) Blakeney and I have talked about what we are kind of expecting as far as attendance goes for the game,” Dennis said.

“New Orleans is a place that our fans know pretty well thanks to the previous two games there. We have a great group of alumni in the area and we have a student body that we know travels well to bowl games. So everything should be a perfect sync for this game. I anticipate and hope for the largest Troy gathering for this game. Our fans are one that have a lot of pride and are proud of their team.”

That pride that the athletic director talked about is one that he hopes inspires the Trojans to its second bowl victory.

“We will be as good as our 12th man allows us to be,” Dennis said about the fan support of the game.

“We are very grateful to be going to a bowl game, and while we will have having fun in New Orleans, this is not a vacation for us. Where are going into this bowl looking to accomplish another goal and the fans are a big, big part of it. They are going to enjoy this experience just as much as the players will.”

As for the bowl itself, Dennis said the postseason invite is one that everyone can enjoy for the game and what surrounds it.

“I think all bowls are unbelievable,” he said. “They are a reward for what you were able to accomplish over the season.

“The Superdome is a fantastic venue and New Orleans is an unbelievable place. This is a great opportunity for fans to be a part of something that is really fun and cheer their Trojans to a big win.”