McClure says voices is ‘gift from God’

Published 7:03 pm Friday, December 3, 2010

Brandon McClure has a gift from God.

He can sing.

“I know I can sing,” McClure said, with a smile. “And, it is from God. It’s nothing that I have done. I’ve never had singing lessons. I just open my mouth and sing.”

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McClure sings for the glory of God. He knows that is what he is supposed to do with such a special gift. But he also believes that his voice will be his life’s work.

McClure will be the center of attention on Dec. 11 when his church, Rockwest Baptist Church, honors him with an appreciation program.

McClure is the minister of music at Rockwest Baptist Church but will not be singing at the 6 p.m. appreciation program.

“The program will feature several soloists and choirs from different churches,” he said. “I expect that I’ll be up singing before the night is over. I can’t help but sing.”

Being honored for his contributions to his church is humbling for McClure.

“I just don’t want to waste the talent that God has given me and what better place to use it than in the church and for His glory,” he said. “I appreciate my pastor, Charlie Sankey Jr., for giving me the opportunity to lead the music at Rockwest and to the congregation for being so encouraging and supportive.”

McClure can’t remember not singing. There’s even a chance that his birth cry was a song.

“I guess the first time that I remember singing in public was when I was about 12 years old and I sang in church,” he said. “I’ve never been nervous before a crowd. I like being up there. Nobody ever taught me to sing. I just taught myself.”

McClure likes all kinds of music but, when he sings gospel music, he’s in his “comfort zone.”

“I sing some rhythm and blues and I sing for weddings,” he said. “And, I can sing a little opera. That might surprise some people but I can do it. God gave me a gift for all kinds of music and I love all kinds of music.”

McClure is self-employed and also has the eye of a talented photographer. Photography is also a plan for the future but no matter where he goes or what he does Brandon McClure will have a song in his heart and a prayer of thanksgiving for the gifts that God has gift him.

All family and friends are invited to join him on his special day, at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 11 at Rockwest Baptist Church.