Owl Ulitmate Adventures Deer Hunt seeks volunteers

Published 10:11 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When the Pike County Outdoors Without Limits (OWL) Chapter hosts the 2010 Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt this weekend, some of the hunters will site their guns in hopes of filling their tags while others will just be hoping to get a glimpse of their first whitetail. Either way, the excitement will be unbridled when around 120 disabled hunters take part in the annual deer hunt that will be based at Cattleman Park.

The Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt is an event of the OWL National program and will attract disabled hunters from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, New York and New Jersey.

“We are looking for a great time,” said Terry McPherson, a member of the Pike County OWL Chapter. “A large number of deserving adults and kids with disabilities will participate. We’ve had about 50 landowners donate their property for the event and volunteers are coming from everywhere. This just proves that there are some great caring folks around here. We couldn’t do it without volunteers. You can’t put a value on this.”

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Johnny Green, Pike County OWL Chapter member, said the Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt doesn’t just happen. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and preparation and a lot of manpower.

“This hunt is one of the most important and rewarding events I’ve ever been a part of,” Green said. “It’s my chance to give back but I end up getting more that I give. Until you are a part of one of these events, you just can’t understand what it means to these disabled hunters and to yourself.”

Green said the hunters have overcome their disabilities and are looking for opportunities to participate in activities that others take for granted.

“These people are not disabled,” he said. “They might be limited in what they can do but they are not disabled.”

Green said that, in a previous hunt hosted by the Pike County OWL Chapter, a hunter wanted to sit in a shooting house that was high off the ground.

“The guides were trying to decide how to get him up there and he, said, ‘Don’t worry.’ He turned around and went up the 18 rungs of the ladder backwards – on his rump and with his arm,” Green said. “These hunters have been an inspiration to me and I can guarantee they will be to other volunteers, too.”

Volunteer guides are needed for the hunts and Green said those 16 years and over who are experienced hunters are encouraged to volunteer as guides.

“We still need a lot of volunteer help, especially guides but we also need volunteers to dress the deer, serve the meals, do a little cleaning up and other small jobs,” he said. “And, we need people who will come out and talk to the hunters. They enjoy visiting with people and they all have fascinating stories to tell. They are amazing people.”

The hunters will come in on Thursday to arrive in time for the “Kickoff Dinner” and all of the activities surrounding it.

Hunts will be on Friday and Saturday afternoons and Saturday morning.

For the hunts each participate will be paired with at least one non-disabled guide,

“The forming of hunting teams is where it starts and happens. Its teamwork and it’s where the rubber hits the road”, said Kirk Thomas the OWL founder and. “Guides and volunteers will get to interact with the participants on a one-to-one basis. They’ll work together as a team to overcome the challenges of the hunting opportunity. They might get wet and muddy but it will happen. The participants just want the opportunity and the hunt will provide that opportunity.”

A Welcome Party is planned for Friday night and an Appreciation Dinner and Dance for Saturday night. The Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt will close on Sunday morning following a Southern style breakfast and a music and worship service.

To volunteer for the 2010 Ultimate Adventure Deer Hunt or attend one of the events call

Terry McPherson at 334-372-7334, Johnny Green at 334-268-0527, Greg Ricks 334-465-5542 or Kirk Thomas at 803-480-0167.