Singing draws crowds to Old Church

Published 7:58 pm Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, I’d like to go back to the Old Country Church

And to hear the songs of praise.

How the people would sing.

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It would make the heavens ring

At the Old Country Church.

And, the heavens did ring Sunday afternoon at the Old County Church.

Most of those who packed the Old Country Church on busy U.S. 231 south of Brundidge had waited a whole year for the doors of the historic old country church to open and it seemed as if their voices had been waiting, too, as they burst forth in songs of joyous praise.

“Many of us have memories of walking down the aisle of that old country church holding the hand of our parents or grandparents,” said Susan Berry. “And, I would think that most people there held memories of worshiping in an old country church somewhere.”

The Old Country Church was moved from its original site at Hamilton Crossroads to its present location by John and Mary Senn. Each year, the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the Senns open the doors and invite everyone to the Singing at the Old Country Church.

On Sunday, there was not an empty seat to be found and the singing raised the roof and sifted the dust and the heavens surely did ring, Berry said.

“I couldn’t help but feel so blessed by those who came before me and blessed, too, that I had an opportunity to recall the memories that I hold so dear,” she said. “And, when those memories came flooding back, I, like so many others, was wiping away tears. “When we sang some of the hymns that are so familiar and so dear … I was not able to sing. I just sat there remembering the faces of childhood. It was so wonderful to be back at the Old Country Church.”

The singing at the Old County Church is a cappella and Berry said that is the heritage of the Church of Christ.

“This is an opportunity to recall our heritage and the acoustics in the Old County Church are just right for the singing we do,” she said. “We love to sing the parts and it is such a beautiful way to sing.”

One of the favorite hymns was written by the late Arlton Shiver and is glued in the back of the “Songs of the Church” hymnbook. Shiver’s hymn is titled “The Greatest Gift of God is Love.”

And, John Senn said it is love that fills the Old Country Church — the love of God, family and friends and the love of singing praises to His name.

“I know that I say this every year,” Senn said, “but this was the best singing that we’ve had. You just don’t hear that kind of singing anywhere much. This is about the only place. It’s just different – the parts and the runs. I love the runs. It’s intriguing and the singing made my day. I’m still so excited I can hardly stand it. It was a blessing to sing with friends at the Old Country Church.”