Teaming up for a common goal

Published 6:52 pm Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cornelius Griffin and Greg Wilkes are partners in Griffin-Wilkes Insurance, formerly Flowers Insurance. The pair say the golden rule and a desire to serve customers and build relationships and trust drive their business. (Submitted Photo)

Insurance has a new face in Troy as Flowers Insurance has changed its name to Griffin-Wilkes Insurance.

The move comes from the partnership between owner Greg Wilkes and NFL great Cornelius Griffin.

The merger brings offices in Troy, Greenville, Opelika, Decatur, and Evergreen to the company. The main office will remain in Troy.

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In 2004 Wilkes started his insurance practice in a shared office with his cousin and his first question was who do you know, who do they know. “Relationships are key to what we do, referrals from customers who in return tell others about us. The more you nurture a relationship the more that comes out of it,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes had a vision to make his insurance practice personable. “Protecting what matters most, your family, your house, your business being concerned about things you need,” Wilkes said.

After a six and half year relationship with the Pike County area clients have grown from zero to 7,000 and since the new merger of Norman Insurance agency in Greenville the company has combined to have a $10 million dollar net worth.

With the addition and help of new partner Cornelius Griffin the insurance company has become a coast-to-coast affair covering a total of 37 professional athletes in such places as New York and Washington.

“There is no better guy to work with, trust or do business with. He has a strong reputation.” Griffin said. Insurance was not always something Griffin saw himself becoming a part of, but he was well familiar with Wilkes’ company as Griffin was one of his first clients. He found his place to be back at home. Griffin joined in mid September and since then business has flourished. “There has to be a trust factor, and I want to treat people as they should be treated,” Griffin said.

“He is a perfect fit along with his notariety here in Pike County and I am very excited about having him as a partner. He is a man who isn’t afraid to work and he has a true passion for people,” Wilkes said. “There is a lot of trust given when a person selects his or her insurance agent. Far too many people think they have adequate protection when they don’t really understand what they have in the first place. I want to help educate people so that they feel confident and have the peace of mind that their family is protected no mater what comes their way,” Griffin said.

“Since Griffin’s partnership a ripple affect has been created. People want to be a part of success, something they trust,” Wilkes said. “We have definitely seen an increase in business.” There are several mottos that are upheld at Griffin-Wilkes Insurance but the main one that is the golden rule. “We believe very much in sowing what you reap giving kindness and receiving it in return,” Wilkes said.

The ultimate goal for Griffin-Wilkes si retaining customers. “Keeping our customers year after year treating people right helping them with claims those people will stay with you,” Wilkes said.

Griffin-Wilkes’ coverage consists of business, home, auto, life, and employee benefits. “We’re like a one stop shop with everything you need,” Wilkes said.