President doesn’t care about our future

Published 9:17 pm Friday, October 22, 2010

Enough is enough!

Never before in my memory has the United States of America had a president who is so clearly against the American people. Everything he has done since the day he was sworn into office has been done to destroy the America we know. Practically the first thing he did was to apologize for America. Then, he triple-quadrupled the national debt in just a few short months. He also ignored the disastrous BP oil spill for weeks while he played and partied the time away. Now he promises hand to hand combat with his Republican Congress, proving he has no intention of trying to work with them for the good of Americans.

Instead of focusing on the economy and jobs for Americans, he is out campaigning for Democrats so that they can continue to steal American taxpayers blind. Nancy Pelosi actually thinks that food stamps and unemployment benefits give more bang for the buck. Does anyone really think that we are better off with someone like this in Congress?

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A Republican Congress with no ideas at all is better than this wasteful Democratic Congress in power now- and remember, they’re spending your money.

Congress further showed their lack of respect for us when they put off voting to extend the Bust tax cuts until after the November elections. Now is the time for us to get rid of this spendthrift Congress in November.

Go out and vote Republican, and then in 2012 we need to get rid of Obama and elect a president who will put America and Americans first, before we lose our country and our freedom!

Carolyn Green