Conservatives coming down to ‘crunch time’

Published 9:30 pm Thursday, October 21, 2010

It is crunch time. We conservatives have to make a decision about our District 2 Representative. I am speaking mainly to us conservatives, you may be a Republican or a Democrat, but your heart beats conservatism. That is how both candidates are promoting themselves. Now we have to make a choice as to which will be the most effective in the next Congress. Which one of these two candidates will not only vote the way we want them to, but also have their vote really make a difference. In the last Congress, Mr. Bright voted fairly conservative, but it did not stop anything. He was spitting in the wind, you might say. Obamacare passed. Cap and Trade passed in the house. And all the stimulus bills passed. His vote did not stop a thing. So if we reelect Mr. Bright we will be in trouble. If the Democrats retain power, his vote means nothing. He stopped nothing that needed to be stopped. If the Republicans take back power in the House, as it looks like they will, then Mr Bright is on the outside looking in. We lose all the power we have on committees He has no say about what is happening. To send Mr Bright back is a lose-lose situation for us conservatives. When a player is ineffective on the field, you pull him from the game. It is time for Mr Bright to be pulled.

Robert Watts


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