Bobby Bright is still playing on ‘Coach Pelosi’s’ team

Published 9:11 pm Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Bright do you know the real problem I have with voting for you? It is the “D” by your name. It is the “D” that keeps me from considering you. It seems you are having difficulty with the “D” too. You are trying to camouflage the “D” by using words like “independent” and “conservative” in your ads. You can use those words to try hide the “D” but it is still there. Try as you may, you are on Coach Pelosi’s team, since you have the “D” by your name. That means you have to satisfy Coach Pelosi to get in the game. She tells you what to do. That is what bothers me. That is the excuse you gave us for voting for her as Speaker of the House: so you could get on certain committees. She did not call on you to vote on Obamacare or Cap and Trade because she did not need your votes to pass them. You are not independent. You are on Coach Pelosi’s Team.

Robert Watts


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