Vote for Bright if you support the country’s direction

Published 9:09 pm Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I’ve seen Bobby Bright’s “True Numbers” ad several times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only “true” number that really counts is 218. That’s the number of seats that it takes for a political party to control the House of Representatives. The party with 218 seats gets to elect the Speaker of the House, i.e. Nancy Pelosi. They get to appoint committee and subcommittee chairmen and they get to determine which bills will reach the house floor. Basically, they get to set the agenda.

Bobby has exerted a lot effort to try to show that he is aligned with the Republicans, even posting his picture beside that of John Boehner, Republican House Minority Leader. It really doesn’t matter how he votes or what he says; what really matters is that he chose to be a member of a party that does not represent the values and best interest of the second congressional district or, for that matter, the country. The fact that he has a “D” behind his name helps keep Nancy Pelosi in power.

I believe this is the most important election in my lifetime. This Second Congressional District race has national implications. It could very well determine the future of this country. Imagine this scenario on election night. The Republicans pick up 217 House seats but Alabama’s Second Congressional District votes to send Bobby Bright back to Congress. Nothing changes. The Democrats stay in control and the Obama/Pelosi agenda continues. It all boils down to this. If you think the country is going in the right direction and if you agree with the Obama/Pelosi agenda, then vote for Bobby Bright. If not, vote for Martha Roby. It’s that simple.

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Thomas Saucer