‘Fight’ race scores a K.O.

Published 8:32 pm Monday, October 11, 2010

Fight Like a Girl 5k winners Scott Beaulier, 3rd place, Dr. Michael Green, 1st, and Joshua Burgans, 2nd , pose for a photo after the race on Saturday. (Messenger Staff Photo/Thomas Graning)

It was a K.O. for the Rotary Club’s “Fight Like a Girl” 5K run Saturday, with runners raising $5,500 for the American Cancer Society and Hope Lodge in Birmingham.

“We were very excited,” Rotarian and event organizer Jason Jones said. “My goal was $4,000, and we overshot that, so we were really pleased.”

Runners ranged in age from preteen to 60-plus. A total of 180 registered.

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The award for best time went to Dr. Michael Green, an assistant professor at Troy University, who ran the race in 16 minutes and 30 seconds. He also broke last year’s record, Jones said.

“Not many people are going to beat that in any 5K,” he said.

For Green, who has trained and competed in footraces around the world, it wasn’t a personal best. “For me, it’s actually quite slow,” Green said. “But I’m happy with it.”

Then again, Green had a lot on his mind the day of the race. He had been laid up for most of the summer with a stress fracture in his foot. Instead of training, he was only able to run lightly for two weeks before the 5K.

On top of that, the international marathoner and professor had just been awarded a new title: Daddy.

His daughter Emlyn was born just four weeks earlier, and the 5K was Green’s first race as a father. Unfortunately, his wife Su and his new baby couldn’t even watch him run. Su was volunteering at Furfest, Troy’s fundraiser for Pike Animal Shelter Coalition, and couldn’t make it to the race in time.

But despite his injuries and concerns, Green was not going to miss the race.

“I didn’t want to just not show up,” he said. “The gamble paid off in the end.”

Right after he took the top prize, Green went home and snapped photos of Emlyn wearing his medals. He said he can’t wait until she’s old enough to watch him run — and maybe toddle over a finish line herself.

“I was definitely thinking about her the whole time,” Green said.

This is the second year that the Rotary Club has hosted a 5K. Last year the club raised $3,500, and members hope to continue raising awareness and support.

“It will be a tradition, and I look forward to having it again next year,” Jason Jones said.

The club chose “Fight like a Girl” for their theme to recognize the struggle of women, and their families, who have faced breast cancer. Thirty volunteers and 35 local sponsors donated their time, money and supplies to the race.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and all of the proceeds from the race from will go to various breast cancer programs. Kay Franklin is Troy’s community representative for the American Cancer Society.

“So many people here in Pike County have been affected by cancer in one way or another, and October serves as a reminder of those who have battled breast cancer,” she said.

“There have been so many strides made in the fight against breast cancer, and we are thankful to the people of Pike County who make the progress possible.”

Winners included:


Dr. Michael Green 16:30

Joshua Burgan 20:16

Scott Beaulier 20:22

Male 0-19:

Reed Jinright 23:41

William Case North 25:28

Kane Meredith 25:54

Female 0-19:

Theresa Kierman 27:01

Hanna Scheub 38:18

Shelly Cox 38:19

Male 20-29:

Michael Welch 21:54

Jonathan Sellers 26:07

Dax Pugh 28:11

Female 20-29:

Sarah Hughes 22:56

Jade Curried 25:09

Tiffany Robinson 25:39

Male 30-39:

Bobby Jon Drinkard 23:42

Kevin Kennedy 24:21

Greg Wilkes 24:43

Female 30-39:

Cornelia Sanders 23:14

Melissa Bush 23:23

Deana Edgy 25:19

Male 40-49:

Barry McKnight 21:40

Earl Franks 22:15

Lee Outlaw 23:28

Female 40-49:

Jill Gregson 24:22

Sarah McKenzie 26:40

Angi Westberg 26:44

Male 50-59:

Ken Williams 23:08

Geoffrey Spann 33:55

Female 50-59:

Carol Franks 29:21

Joan Johnson 35:56

Linda Brook 36:03

Male 60 & up:

West Marcus 30:47

Doc Anderson 35:06

Charles Belfield 39:08

Female 60 & up:

Brenda McMillian 44:08

Fran Tisdale 45:52