Have faith, Trojan Nation

Published 10:56 pm Saturday, September 25, 2010

Let me be the first pot to call the kettle black.

It is well known amongst my good friends and family that if a team I pull for begins to struggle, it is hard for me to remain optimistic.

Take for instance the Braves on Saturday against the Nationals.

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I see a team perfectly capable of winning a championship, yet most of the time, all I see is strikeouts and errors.

As soon as I started saying, the Braves are done, this season is over with, to some of the guys in the press box, the Bravos cruised to a victory.

Go figure; maybe I should “give up” more often.

There are however two teams I have the utmost confidence in, no matter what.

One is the only team to win six Vince Lombardi trophies, and another is a team that dawns cardinal and white on Saturdays.

Yes, this is a difficult time for Troy, but it is one that all of Trojan Nation has been through before.

Lets face it, Troy hasn’t always gotten off on the best foot the past couple of seasons.

True, Troy has dropped road games they should have won many times in the past, and I can promise you they will do it again many times.

But just because there might be a little feeling of déjà vu, doesn’t mean there is need to break out the paper bags.

We are entering the part of the season that the Trojans have flat out dominated for the past four seasons.

And though this team may be hurt, inexperienced and down right now Saturday afternoon should prove that is has no plans to let go of the Sun Belt throne.

Say what you will about the conference and its teams, but there is no doubting the competitiveness found within.

Just ask teams from all the big conferences, they’ll tell you Sun Belt teams are no pushovers.

This season the Trojans are on the verge of winning a fifth conference title in a row – name me another football program that has done that recently, if ever.

When the games that matter the most come around, the Trojans are at their best.

The team has proved it for the past four seasons, and those years have instilled the confidence that no matter what, Troy will finish on top.

In a time where there is so much anger and disappointment with the Trojans, I think we all need to take a step back and look at what we have.

What we have is a quality football team, who is on the verge of continuing its greatness in the conference.

And that is more than enough reason to go to a Trojan game without a paper bag on your head.