What does ‘be true to your school’ really mean?

Published 10:18 pm Friday, September 24, 2010

Be true to your school, folks. Or don’t go to school there”

I grew up in the great state of Alabama, where you were raised to bleed crimson or orange and blue. At such a young age, you had to make the choice to be on the side of Alabama or Auburn. In reality, your family probably made the decision for you. You grew up hearing the names of Paul “Bear” Bryant, Pat Sullivan,Joe Namath, Shug Jordan, Bo Jackson and so many more. It didn’t even matter how your team was doing that year, because you knew at the end of the season there was only one game that mattered: the Iron Bowl. One team would have the bragging rights throughout the whole state for the next year.

Back before I can even remember, I chose to join the Auburn side. I grew up yelling WAR EAGLE and GO TIGERS! I’m sure that my Dad had a lot to do with that choice, but I could never see myself cheering for Alabama or even saying Roll Tide. Its embedded deep down in me to always cheer for the Tigers and that is just what I plan on doing.

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After I graduated high school, the time had come where I had to decide where it was I wanted to go to college. Growing up an Auburn fan, that was obviously my first choice. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t take my grades seriously is high school and I didn’t care much to even go to college at the time. I ended up staying at home for two years where I attended Jefferson State Community College until I started to get serious and figure things out for myself. I finally realized that I need a college education and it was time for me to figure out where I wanted to get it from.

Since I had never taken my grades serious, I knew that I could rule out Auburn or any other major universities. I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to afford most other universities as well. That is when I started to think about Troy as an option. I remembered that I was accepted during high school, but that was before I cared about my future. Also, my brother was going there so I knew that it would be easier for me to jump in somewhere where I knew someone close to me. Troy was considerably cheaper than the other universities in the state and the academics seemed to be outstanding as well. I knew it was the right choice for me.

Two years later I am currently a print journalism major here at Troy University and I couldn’t see myself anywhere else. I love the program that I am a part of and I’m confident that they will help me be successful in my life. Since I’m a huge sports fanatic, I love the sports here at Troy too, especially football. I’ve grown attached to Troy football these past two years and I will always cheer for the Trojans over any other team. I’ll attend every Troy football game that I can, even after I graduate I’ll be back for many more.

One thing Troy needs to understand though, is that I will always be a Auburn fan as well. Auburn football is what I was raised on and I cant just let go of that. When it comes to football, Auburn is my team. I grew up sitting in front of a TV every Saturday in the fall watching Auburn play football. Woke up on Sunday either mad or happy at the outcome of the game.

I didn’t choose Troy because of football though, I chose Troy because I knew it would be a great university that could prepare me for my career and future. Troy will always be my school though; the place where I earned my degree, the place where I chose a career, and the place that prepared me for life. I couldn’t ask for much more than that. I made one of the best decisions of my life by deciding to go to Troy University.

“Be true to your school, folks. Or don’t go to school there.” Just because I happen to like another school’s football team in the state doesn’t mean that I’m not true to my school. Most of my money goes to Troy University and most of my time is spent here. When it comes to football, I choose the Troy game over any other team. Troy is trying to put too much emphasis on their football team when they should be more worried about education, our international programs, and the other things that actually matter in life. I apologize for my Auburn tag on the front of my Jeep, guess I’m just not living the Trojan Way.

Michael Scott