Free trade should be free, or we shouldn’t trade

Published 9:47 pm Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Congressman Bobby Bright,

I appreciate the work you do in the House of Representative. But there is something that can be done about the economy that does not seem to be being done.

People in Congress have a fetish with the notion of free trade. Well I ask you why do we care so much about free trade when the nations we are trading with do not. It is common knowledge that East Asian countries, in general, do not practice free trade. While they might have gotten rid of tariffs they still have non-tariff barriers to foreign nations goods.

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Think of China with its state owned companies and its manipulation of its currency, think of Japan and how it will not display American goods prominatly in shops and have import quotas on many American goods, ditto for Korea.

Why do you all in Washington continue to support free trade with these countries when they do not practice free trade with us?

You Mr. Bright just recently were fighting hard for a free trade agreement with South Korea. Why?

I am all for free trade when it is free. But if there is free trade from one side and not from another then there is not free trade.So either lets drop the idea of free trade with them or actually force them to have free trade with us.

Bart Wallace