Charity League screenings under way

Published 10:03 pm Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Troy Charity League conducted sight and hearing screenings at New Life Christian Academy Thursday. League member Pam Ray guided Teyonna Johnson through the sight chart. The League will conduct the free screenings for first-, third- and fifth-grade students in all schools in the county.

Troy Charity League is on its 74th mission to help identify sight and hearing problems in children before the problems affect learning in school and interrupt the enjoyment of everyday life.

Members of the Troy Charity League were at New Life Christian School on Thursday to conduct free sight and hearing screenings. And, before they are done, they will have screened students in the first, third and fifth grades in all schools in the county.

That’s a tall order but one that is too important to ignore, said Jenny Meadows, League member.

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“The Troy Charity League is committed to making sure that all Pike County school children are tested during their elementary years,” Meadows said. “For children to have the best chance at learning, they have to be able to see and hear. Screening gives them that chance.”

If a problem is suspected, the child’s parents are notified along with the school nurse.

“The parents are encouraged to have their child see a physician for further evaluation,” Meadows said. “If the parents cannot afford the services needed, the Troy Charity League will help with the expenses.”

For 74 years, the Troy Charity League has been committed to the children of Pike County and that commitment has made a difference in the lives of many children.

Each time a problem is detected and corrected, the members of the League know that all of the time and effort has been worthwhile.

“We try to catch problems early but sometimes the problems don’t show up until later,” Meadows said. “So, if a parent of any school-age child suspects a sight or hearing problem, if they will contact the school nurse, we will do the screening to see if further evaluation is needed.”

The League also provides clothing to children in need throughout the year and provides tubs of supplies to schools in the county.