Troy awarded $2 million grant

Published 7:35 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A federal grant announced Tuesday will give the City of Troy slightly more than $2 million in matching funds to complete sewer and infrastructure upgrades.

The Economic Development Association Grant completes funding for the $6 million project, which also includes a $1 million grant previously awarded by ADECA.

“It’s a good day,” said Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford.

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The project includes the creation of a water well near the Sportsplex on Enzor Road; installation of additional water mains; installation of a waterline along Park Street, Elm Street and George Wallace Drive; and the expansion of the outfall line which crosses Highway 87.

“There are two outfall lines in the city, one which is behind the Wal-Mart and Franklin Drive area and delivers the sewage from that side of town to the treatment plant and the one on Highway 87, which takes everything from Henderson Highway, Country Club and that side of town,” Lunsford said. “The Highway 87 outfall line is nearing capacity, and once we have this completed both lines will have more thane enough capacity.”

The city will be required to provide some $3 million in matching funds for the project. “We’ll pay that $3 million out of revenue bonds,” Lunsford said, explaining that the bonds will be paid from the revenue generated by the water and sewage fees.

Work on the project likely will begin next year.

“It will take a couple of months to get all the grant agreements signed and in place … I expect it will be next summer before you see the work begin,” the mayor said.

The EDA grant is part of a job creation grant, based in part on the jobs created in the community with the opening of CGI in September 2009.

“Basically, it says you’re eligible for x dollars per job created,” Lunsford said, adding that being able to apply for grant funding through these programs is another added benefit of economic development and new industry growth in Troy.

“We’ll reap millions more to us than we’ll pay out,” he said, adding these types of grants “help us keep our infrastructure in place, help us keep our rates some of the lowest in the state.”