Salvation Army tries to ‘do the most good’

Published 9:18 pm Thursday, September 2, 2010

“Doing the most good” is the Salvation Army’s slogan, a small statement for such a wide based organization with a variety of contributions to the community.

This United Way agency serves Pike County and provides services to the citizens of Pike, Barbour, Bullock and Crenshaw counties.

In the past year, an estimated 642 people were helped by the Salvation Army, and in this year a 25 to 30 percent increase is expected, said Kimberly May, the director for the Pike County Service Center and Thrift Store.

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The Salvation Army is an international movement as part of a universal Christian church.

Some of its services are utility and rent assistance, the food pantry, summer camp programs, disaster assistance and the thrift store.

All these services are provided through donations only.

The thrift store consists of clothing, furniture, electronics and so forth.

“If it works, is clean and durable, it goes back out into the community,” May said.

The food bank is all donated and up to date.

Depending on the day, the Salvation Army may assist 5 or more people by supplying food for them, to eat, May said.

The service center supplies social services such as rent, but could also provide simple things such as a bus ticket.

“If there is a need, and we have the money we try to meet it,” May said. “When disaster victims come to us through the Red Cross, we supply them with house essentials, food, clothing and various other needs.”

None of this would be accessible without the help of organizations such as the United Way.

The Salvation Army receives a quarterly check that varies, but is roughly $1,200 a year. This check depends on the donations given to the United Way that is divided amongst each of the 17 agencies.

“Some of these people fall in between the cracks there is a need for all of us,” said May.

“There are not many homeless people in Pike County, but we do have some explained May, and we provide arrangements for them to have a place to stay, food and clothing. It’s very rewarding when someone comes in gets help and comes back once on their feet and makes a donation. It is always nice to help and have people touch you in the process,” May said.

Along with the contributions made by the United Way, the Salvation Army holds fundraisers.

Such fundraisers as the familiar Red Kettle Campaign that can be quickly recognized by the sound of a ringing bell and the Red Kettle for donations during Christmas time.