Momma’s home cookin’

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A select number of Pike County residents got their first taste of Momma Goldberg’s Deli Tuesday.

Momma Goldberg’s served a free lunch to several local public service officials, as well as friends and family in advance of today’s first day of business.

And, while the even was invitation only, today marks the first day that Momma Goldberg’s is officially open in Troy.

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After an initial targeted opening of mid-July, owner Jake Messenger said there were some growing impatient.

However, Messenger also said the extra time was needed in order to ensure the quality that is expected from Momma Goldberg’s.

“There were a few people who I think were growing impatient, but we had to make it right,” Messenger said. “It had to be the right quality before we could open, and we’re ready now.”

Don Dement, the founder of Momma Goldberg’s, echoed Messenger’s sentiments.

“There were some people complaining because they were ready for it to open, but you can’t rush what Jake has done here,” DeMent said. “We’re real proud of Jake. He’s a young guy, but he’s advanced beyond his years. He’s really creating something that will be great for this community.”

The Troy location is the 14th location in the Momma Goldberg’s franchise, and DeMent said the Troy location is the best one yet.

“This is the 14th location we’ve opened, and every time we open one, it seems like we get a little bit better,” DeMent said. “We get a little bigger and we get a little better. We have a better plan and we have better service every time, and this location in Troy is no exception. I would say it is our top store right now.”

DeMent said the decision to bring Momma Goldberg’s to Troy was one the company had been considering for a while, thanks in large part to the increasing exposure being given to Troy University.

“We had been looking at Troy for a while now,” DeMent said. “You see Troy playing football on television all the time now, and it just kind of made us see that something special was going on here. So, when Jake came to us and said he wanted to go Troy and open, we were on board with the idea.”

Troy city councilman Jason Reeves was on hand to sample some of Momma Goldberg’s fare, giving it his stamp of approval.

“The food is just fabulous,” Reeves said. “The ‘Momma’s Love’ is as good a sandwich as you can get anywhere. I’ve been to other Momma Goldberg’s around the state, and I can tell you the quality here is just as good as it is in other places.”

Part of the appeal of the Troy Momma Goldberg’s is the location.

Momma Goldberg’s is located on the square, right in the heart of the Troy community.

“This building really has a lot of character, and I think it’ll be a great addition to both the community and the square,” Reeves said. “We’re certainly appreciative of the investors, and I think their willingness to come here to the heart of the community really says a lot. We’re excited about their presence here, and I think it’ll be a good place to come with a great atmosphere that serves good food.”

Messenger said he expects that the rest of Pike County will share Reeves’ excitement over Momma Goldberg’s.

“It’s been a great response from a small community, and Troy has shown it is ready to support Momma Goldberg’s,” Messenger said.