PCS to receive more federal funds

Published 11:07 pm Monday, August 16, 2010

The recently passed federal jobs bill could wind up benefiting Pike County Schools.

PCS Superintendent Mark Bazzell said at the Pike County Board of Education meeting Monday that PCS expects to receive $484,000 from the bill’s funds, a number that comes from an allotment of $3,000 per earned teacher unit.

However, Bazzell said not much is known about the money or the plans for it beyond how much PCS is set to receive.

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“We’re not exactly sure how it will come down or how accessible it will be, but it will certainly help,” Bazzell said. “Hopefully, it will give us some flexibility in some areas. It could free up some local money, and maybe we’ll be able to use that money for some maintenance we had deferred, but it’s definitely welcome money either way.”

Bazzell also addressed the recent adequate yearly progress (AYP) reports Monday, which showed that Pike County Schools did not make AYP as a system, despite four of the five schools making AYP. Goshen High School was the only county school that did not make AYP.

“Whether we meet these standards or don’t meet these standards in large part has to do with the standards we set,” Bazzell said. “It’s not acceptable for us to not make AYP in any subgroup.”

Bazzell also said he took non-passing grades personally.

“I’m competitive. I don’t like to see a red box on this report. I just don’t,” Bazzell said. “I take it personally, and every principal and every teacher needs to take it personally, as well.”