World Series memories help Troy

Published 10:59 pm Wednesday, July 28, 2010

World Series moments and memories are ones that can last a lifetime.

Luckily for some of the members of the Junior Dixie Boys team that are headed to the World Series in Dothan, they will be able to use some of those memories for their own advantage.

On the 11-player roster, there are three players that either have siblings or have played at the highest level of the tournament season themselves, as well as a coach, who has watched two of his sons compete for the title.

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In 2004, Jason Fleming watched his older brother, David, win a Junior Dixie Boys World Series.

Six years later, the tables are turned.

“It’s nice to have a brother who has been here before,” Jason Fleming said.

“He has told me a lot of different things about what to do – like stay positive no matter what and to be patient at the plate.

“He has helped me a lot with playing baseball,” he added.

As far as the older Fleming is concerned, all he wants to do is keep his younger brother and the rest of the team excited.

“This is an exciting time for the team right now,” he said. “I’m just trying to keep them pumped and do whatever I can to get them ready for the tournament.

“It’s been a lot of fun being out here with the guys,” Fleming said with a smile.

While this will be Gary Fox’s first time as head coach of a World Series team, it will be not be his first time being involved with the event itself.

Two of Fox’s older sons, Michael and Nathan, have both played in a series and while he has seen the competition at its highest, he said he expects things to be quite different on the other side of the fence.

“It’s going to be a very different experience going from being a spectator to being a part of it,” he said. “But it was a great experience than and I am sure it will be another great experience in Dothan.”

When Fox’s team clinched the spot in the World Series, not only did Fox stamp his ticket to Dothan, but his youngest son, Reilly, did as well.

“That’s very unusual,” Fox said about having all three of his sons be a part of a World Series team.

“Typically, it is something that would only happen once, so this is pretty special.

“I am definitely proud of all my boys and maybe my little girl will be able to experience the same thing,” the coach said with a laugh.

As for the youngest Fox baseball player, Reilly said it is pretty cool to be doing something that he watched his older brothers do.

“I’m excited to be actually playing in the World Series, instead of just watching one – especially with a team that I think has a good chance of winning it all.”

Michael Fox went to two World Series, with the Troy Ozone team, in both 2006 and 2007, while Nathan was on the winning Junior Dixie Boys team from last year.

“It’s going to fun to be playing and having my brothers watch me this time,” Fox added.

And while those members of the team have others who have played in the World Series, there is a player on the team that has played in the big tournament himself.

In 2005, Hunter Bagget was apart of the Dixie Minor team that advanced to the World Series, and now, five years later he finds himself back in the same position.

“It feels good,” he said about getting to this point in the season.

“I have been on a lot of good teams, but this is a really good team and I think we have a good shot at winning it all.”

Bagget said that all week teammates have been asking him what to expect when the tournament begins, and all week, Bagget has been giving them answers.

“Basically, I have been telling them to stay focused and to not let little things get them down.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun,” he added.