Weeks comes to GHS with experience

Published 12:01 am Tuesday, July 20, 2010

After a lengthy search process, the people of Goshen finally found out who their next high school principal would be last week when the Pike County Board of Education hired Dr. Warren Weeks.

Weeks comes to PCS from Calhoun (Ga.) City Schools, where he served as an assistant to the superintendent.

However, Weeks has local ties. Weeks graduated from Carroll High School in Ozark, and it was there he said he first felt the desire to get involved in education.

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“There were a lot of teachers and coaches who influenced my life because my parents’ friends were mostly teachers and coaches,” Week said.

“I’ve always been around athletes, so I decided I wanted to get into teaching and coaching because I figured if they could make a positive impression like that on my life, I wanted to be able to make a difference for other people as well.”

Weeks went on to Auburn University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

After completion of his first college degree, Weeks began his first education job in Louisville, Ga., where he served as a “jack of all trades” within the school’s coaching ranks.

“I did a little bit of everything there,” Weeks said.

“I was the assistant football coach, the assistant baseball coach and the assistant basketball coach, and I even was the head JV basketball coach.”

And, while many educators go through a lengthy search process to find their first job, that was not the case for Weeks.

“I graduated from Auburn on a Wednesday, moved that Thursday and they started school that Friday, so it was a real quick transition,” Weeks said.

Eventually, Weeks went on to get his Masters degree from Troy University’s Phenix City location while he taught in the Phenix City area.

It was after the completion of that degree in 1996 that he obtained his first job in administration, becoming assistant principal of Hale County High School.

Weeks went on to obtain his doctorate from Valdosta State University while working for the central office of Valdosta (Ga.) City Schools, a job he started in 2003.

Weeks went on to join Calhoun City Schools’ central office, but said he eventually missed the everyday dealings with the students.

“This was just a great opportunity for me,” Weeks said.

“I’m looking forward to the day-to-day interaction with the students and faculty that I wasn’t getting in the central office.”

But, Weeks said his seven years of central office work have helped to prepare him to be a principal.

“Everything has been a nice stepping stone to this point because I’ve been able to improve myself as an educator everywhere I’ve been up to this point,” Weeks said.

“The last seven years have really given me a good broad base and really taught me not just how to run a school, but an entire system.”

Weeks’ first year at Goshen will mark his 13th year in administration and 23 years of education experience in general.

With all of his experience at his disposal, Weeks said the last 10 days have been used to make plans that are intended to better Goshen High School in a variety of ways, namely an improved graduation rate.

“I’m just going to try and get the best out of every person I come in contact with,” Weeks said.

“We want a 100 percent graduation rate, and we have a plan in place to do that.”

Part of Weeks’ previous administration duties involved facility management, enabling him to develop a keen eye when it comes to buildings and facilities.

As such, Weeks said part of his plan for GHS is an improved physical campus.

“There are a lot of physical campus improvements that I would like to make, and we hope to do those over the next few months,” Weeks said.

“Most of it is just some things I want to see in better shape.”

All in all, Weeks said it was a welcome move for him to come to Goshen after several years of living in Georgia.

“It’s good to be back close to people I know and feel comfortable around,” Weeks said.