School board spot a key opening

Published 5:56 pm Friday, July 2, 2010

The resignation of John Parker from the Troy City Schools Board of Education marks the end of eight years of dedicated service by Parker, a good-hearted volunteer.

Parker, who most recently served as president of the board of education, announced his resignation on Friday, apparently effective July 1. His decision was prompted, he said, by a combination of work-related responsibilities and the timing of changes within the school system, most notably the hiring of three new principals and the changes taking place on the campus. It made sense, he intimated, for him to step aside now, as well.

Parker has been a dedicated and willing member of the school board during his tenure, guiding the system through the establishment of its long-range planning process, among other issues. Many appreciate his service.

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The resignation, however, opens the opportunity for the Troy City Council to make a new appointment to the board, one which will be considered at the July 13 meeting.

We encourage the mayor and council members to carefully consider candidates for this position, seeking an individual who will be willing to make the best decisions for the future of Troy City Schools and, ultimately, for our community. We believe the ideal candidate should have a vested interest in the school system’s success because it is vital to the success of our community. Integrity, vision, intelligence, commitment, problem-solving skills, a willingness to look beyond “how we’ve always done it” and the ability to make difficult, even unpopular, decisions are must-have requirements for any candidates.

We urge council members to push beyond politics to possibilities and potential in making this next appointment.