Farm Nationals hope to win district tournament

Published 9:45 pm Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not one, but two Troy teams will be in action in the Farm District Tournament today in Troy.

The Farm Nationals team is led by head coach Chad Copeland, who said his team is improving.

Game experience is especially valuable for Farm tournament teams since the rules of the game vary greatly from the regular season, as runners are now free to advance until stopped by a defensive player.

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Copeland said teaching his team the new rules has been a challenge.

“It’s tough because you go from practicing one way for the season to having to practice completely differently, and you have just a week and a half or two weeks to teach the kids the new rules,” Copeland said.

The Troy Nationals will be seeing familiar faces on the diamond tonight, as they will battle the Troy Americans in the opener.

“We’re all friends,” Copeland said. “We want to win these things, but if we can’t, we’d like to see them win it. I guess we’d have to wind up playing each other sooner or later, we might as well go ahead and get the nerves out against each other.”

Copeland said his team has a good chance of bringing home the district title

“If we play the way we can play, we know that other teams are really going to have to play well to have a chance to beat us,” Copeland said.