Dixie Minor American Rookies set for District

Published 10:31 pm Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After a poor showing in a warm-up tournament this past weekend, the Dixie Minor American Rookie team is looking to bounce back this weekend in the district tournament.

Fortunately, head coach Steve Barron said he knows what the team must work on in order to have success.

“Unfortunately, we lost both games this weekend, but that just shows us that we need to work on our pitching as far as throwing strikes goes,” Barron said.

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The team has also been working hard to improve in certain situations.

“We hit the ball well, but there were just some situational plays where it looked like we didn’t know what to do,” Barron said.

In order to achieve the improvement that is needed, Barron said he and the coaching staff have implemented drills to help the team with the basics.

“We’ve been working on a lot of drills,” Barron said. “We’ve really gone back to the basic mechanics, like making sure we throw the ball the correct way in regards to arm position and all that. From there, we’ve just been working on knowing what to do with the ball once we field it.”

The team has responded well in practice, giving Barron optimism heading into Friday’s game against Enterprise National.

“They’ve listened this week to what we’ve told them,” Barron said. “They’ve responded well, and I think if we can just get out there and throw strikes, we’ll be all right.”