Brundidge mayor in recovery

Published 7:41 pm Friday, June 11, 2010

Brundidge Mayor Jimmy Ramage underwent surgery for prostate cancer June 3.

He is now at home recovering and the outlook is positive.

“I’m feeling pretty good,” he said.

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“It has been a slow recovery, but I’m going to be alright.”

Ramage was prompted to take a prostate cancer screening a few months ago.

“That’s what saved me,” he said.

In the screening, Dr. Pink Folmar discovered elevated levels of PSA in Ramage’s blood, a warning sign of prostate cancer.

On June 3, Dr. Mark Byard operated on Ramage.

“We had a very successful surgery,” Ramage said.

“The pathology report was good.”

The mayor came home Tuesday and has been recovering since, but bed rest is not something he’s familiar with.

“I’m never sick. I haven’t been in the hospital to be operated on since November 1964,” he said.

“It’s a humbling experience when you can’t do a lot for yourself.”

Ramage will report back to the doctor on June 15 for a cystogram.

“That’s to show that I’m healing correctly,” he said. “That’s a big day for me.”

And with a good report on that day Ramage said he’s confident he can get back in the office of First National Bank and to City Hall, at least for a few hours, by June 21.

“I’m getting there. Every day I feel a little bit better,” he said.

Statistics show one in every six men will get prostate cancer in their lives and Ramage stressed the importance or regular screenings.

“It really saved me,” he said.