Yellow Dot program comes to Brundidge

Published 8:37 pm Thursday, June 3, 2010

Senior citizens in Brundidge can now take part in the “Yellow Dot program.”

The “Yellow Dot program” was established to help citizens after automobile accidents, providing valuable information to first responders.

Sergeant Sam Mallory was present at the Nutritional Center in Brundidge, handing out fliers and assisting in the registration process.

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“We are putting the word out for people who are interested in taking part in this program,” said Mallory.

According to Mallory, the program was established for the elderly, but it is not just for senior citizens.

“The program is for anyone who can get behind a vehicle to drive,” he said.

The “Yellow Dot program,” is also free, and many senior citizens gathered to sign up at the Nutritional Center.

“I feel that with anything that can help us, we should be pleased to be part of,” said Patsy Graham, as she filled out her personal information form.

The participant’s picture is taken and then taped to the information form, then it is all tucked inside a yellow envelope.

The program’s participants are then instructed to place the envelope inside their glove compartments, and they are given a bright yellow sticker to place in their back window.

The sticker tells rescuers to look in the glove compartment for critical information, which includes emergency contact information, blood type, hospital preference, medications, allergies and physicians.

“I think it will be tremendous, if a person is unable to talk after an accident,” said Moses Davenport, Brundidge chief of police.

According to Mallory, the program does not limit how many stickers one may have.

This means that a person who drives more than one car can have each car associated with the program (a sticker on each window, with information in the glove compartment).

Davenport says the program is a joint effort between the sheriff’s department and the Brundidge police department.

Those interested can sign up for the program at the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, the Troy Police Department, the Troy Fire Department, the Troy University Police Department and the Brundidge Police Department.

The program encourages people to take advantage of this free opportunity for both themselves and their families.