Players learning game in Pre-Dixie

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 27, 2010

There are several different levels of baseball currently being played in Troy right now, however, one may be the most important in a player’s development.

In between the coach pitch league and the Dixie Minors is a league where the balls are not necessarily thrown to batters but launched.

The pitching machine league, or the pre-minor league, is puts batters against a machine that releases pitches at 40 mile per hour from 40 feet away, and while the same rules and fundamentals of a game with an actual pitcher still apply, there are other things players can learn from playing in this league.

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“I believe this is the most important level for kids to play in,” said Billy Davis, who is the head coach of the Braves.

“The advantage the kids have in this league is that they face good pitches every time they come to the plate. So, in this league, you are going to get more hits, which makes the defense have to be ready.”

Most of players in the league are eight-years-old and to be able to have the experience the league provides is important, according to Davis.

“It helps the players make the transition into the next level.

“The players can only get better. The kids are all focused and paying attention, because they have to be, ” he said.

On Thursday night, Davis’ Braves were in action in a practice game against the Phillies.

Both teams each got the same amount of at bats and time in the field, and Davis said he has seen his team improve as the season progresses.

“We didn’t win a game at the beginning of the season, but now, we are on a four game losing streak.

“Everyone has done a great job of getting better at the plate and in the field,” the coach said.