It’s a sign, not a clock

Published 10:19 pm Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All of those who have been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the replacement clock at BB&T in Brundidge are going to be sorely disappointed.

The new “clock” is veiled with a BB&T sign until the appropriate day for it to show its face.

But …it’s not a clock. It’s a sign.

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Several members of the alumni coffee crowd, which meets at BB&T a couple of times a day, just happened to be looking out the window when the longstanding “bank” clock was taken down and dismantled. They, like most all of the townspeople, assumed that the new bank, BB&T, would replace the clock that displayed, not only the time but also the temperature.

The “town clock” dates back 30 years or more – back to when the bank was locally owned. The townspeople have come to depend on the clock for the time and the temperature.

But, more importantly, the clock was a Brundidge landmark. An icon of sorts.

Sherroll Tatom, who retired from the banking business in Brundidge, said the clock was something that was installed for the benefit of the community.

“It’s the one thing that Brundidge Banking Company did that satisfied everyone in town,” Tatom said. “I don’t believe that anybody ever passed the clock without looking up at the time and temperature.”

The coffee crowd had no problem with a change – as long as it was a new clock.

Most people are under the assumption that it’s a clock that is cloaked and waiting to be unveiled.

But they should know that it’s not,” said Richard Chapman, who authored a petition (?) that is being circulated by the coffee crowd.

“No, it’s not a petition,” Chapman said. “It’s a statement of displeasure of removal.”

The “statement of displeasure of removal” already has nearly 100 signatures. Others who wish to sign the “statement” may do so just by asking.

“It’s a simple statement,” Chapman said. “It says that Brundidge is a designated antique city and heritage plays an important role in the lives of our citizenry. Changes in the name of progress are examined with a critical eye.

“Therefore, it was with apprehension that we watched as the BB&T crew modernized the signage by removing our long-standing iconic display of time and temperature and replaced it with a mundane static sign of no particular noteworthiness than a company logo.

“So, those who sign the statement are noting their displeasure at the removal of the clock from its prominent position in the heart of our small town and leaving us with nothing more than a few alphabetic characters of insignificant consolation.”