Principal openings offer opportunity

Published 10:52 pm Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A fresh slate and plenty of opportunities face the Troy City Schools administration. With the retirement of Geoffrey Spann at Troy Elementary School and the transfer of Chreseal Threadgill and David Helms to the central office from the middle and high schools, respectively, the school system finds itself in the unique position of having three open principal positions – all at the same time.

While some folks in the community may see this as a cause for concern, they shouldn’t. If anything, it’s simply a case of bad timing.

The move of Threadgill and Helms to the central office is, in all ways, a promotion for these well-respected principals. And while many parents lament the loss of their presence on the campuses, we have to trust they will have the authority and responsibility to carry their work ethic, convictions and commitment to quality education into the central office.

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The key to this puzzle lies in the hiring of new principals for each campus. If Dr. Linda Felton-Smith, superintendent, will seek out and hire principals who embody the same principles and commitments these men brought to their roles, then parents and teachers should be able to find comfort and confidence in the hirings. Ultimately, putting the right people in those principal roles will shape the future of the schools for the years to come.

We believe the school board, and the superintendent, understand the importance of these hires. And, given that, we urge and encourage them to make thoughtful and careful choices in the hiring process.

The Troy City Schools has made tremendous efforts to build relationships with the community, with parents and with teachers in the past two years, particularly through its strategic planning process. Now is the time to solidify those relationships with smart hires that continue to build on the these principals’ years of hard work and efforts on the city schools’ campuses.